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We use physical examination and digital X rays to diagnose your pet's lameness and orthopedic condition.  Procedures such as fracture repair, surgical treatment of anterior cruciate rupture, and luxating patella repair can be performed in our our hospital's surgical suite.  We offer specialist referral for advanced procedures.


Accurate diagnosis of cardiac disease requires an assessment of your pet's physical condition in conjunction with electrocardiography (ECG) and heart imaging with ultrasound (echocardiography) and X rays.  All these procedures can be performed in our office.  We will then use these results in consultation with ultrasound and cardiology specialists to design the most appropriate plan for care and management of your pet's heart condition.


Our veterinarian diagnoses and treats many ophthalmic conditions such as glaucoma, inflammation, infection, and trauma.  Ophthalmic surgeries include conjunctival flaps and grafts for refractory corneal ulcers, laser surgery to remove eyelid tumors and correct eyelid deformities, reconstructive surgery of eyelids after trauma or tumor removal, and cryosurgery (freezing) to remove abnormally placed eyelashes.  Specialist referral is available for cataract surgery and other advanced procedures.


Our digital x-ray system produces high quality images within minutes to aid in your pet's diagnosis and treatment. The images can be adjusted to enhance and detail information and can be digitally transmitted to board certified veterinary radiologists for diagnostic review. 


Our fiberoptic endoscope is an excellent tool for viewing the gastrointestinal tract and obtaining biopsy specimens for the diagnosis of ulcers, tumors, infections, & inflammatory conditions. It can also be used to visualize gastric foreign bodies and is sometimes able to remove them without invasive surgery.


Thourough ultrasound examinations of the body's internal organs provides invaluable information about the size and texture of tissues, and the presence of tumors. Echocardiography is dynamic evaluation of the heart function. Our veterinarian can preform limited ultrasound examinations or schedule to have an ultrasound preformed in our practice by a specialist. 

Behaviour Counseling

Many behavior issues can be avoided with proper management during the formative years.  Our veterinarians and staff are experienced in the day to day challenges of managing your pet's behavior.  Following a  comprehensive examination and appropriate diagnostic tests to detect and treat any underlying medical causes for indesirable behavior, we will design a treatment plan for you and your pet.  This often includes a combination of training for behavior modification and judicious use of medication to help solve most problems. 

Laser Therapy

Our companion laser therapy is an excellent theraputic option for treating a muscoskeletal and inflammatory conditions. It uses and infrared wavelength of light to painlessly penetrate tissues. It works at the cellular level to decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling associated with soft tissue traumas such as sprains, invertebral disc disease, muscle spasms, and acute arthritis. Its application to open wounds kills bacteria and viruses, and increases metabolism to speed healing of wounds and fractures. 


We recognize that the field of medicine is advancing at an extremely fast pace. We will gladly facilitate referral to appropriate specialists when your pet advanced or specialized diagnostics. Please do not hesistate to ask about referral options for your pet's best care.