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Flea and Tick Prevention

Take good care of your pets. Help keep them healthy and happy by providing preventative care starting with flea and tick control.

Nexgard is a K9 monthly flea & tick prevention that comes in a beef chewable from the same company as Heartgard. It is the first oral prevention that kills fleas AND ticks. Highly palatable and no restrictions from swimming or bathing after administration. For more information please call us or visit http://www.nexgard.com.au/Pages/about-nexgard.aspx

Frontline Gold is a monthly topical flea & tick prevention for K9 & Feline pets that has an additional ingredient (Not in Frontline tritak) that kills next generation flea and larvae eggs before they become adults. For more information on Frontline Gold please call us or visit http://www.frontline.com/gold/Pages/default.aspx

Flea Only 

Comfortis is an oral flea pill for K9 & feline pets that is administered every 30 days. Comfortis kills fleas prior to them laying eggs, and continues to prevent against them for a full month. For more information on Comfortis please call us or visit https://www.comfortis.com/

Heartworm Prevention

Heartgard Plus helps prevent canine heartworm disease, as well as killing hookworms & roundworms. Heartgard is a beef chewable that is easy to give and has a satisfaction guarantee through its manufacturer. On average, 7 years of Heartgard will cost you less than treating your pet for heartworm disease one time. For more information on this product please call us or visit http://www.heartgard.com/Pages/About.aspx.

Combination Flea & Heartworm Prevention

Trifexis is a once-monthly tablet that kills fleas, prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls adult hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections. And since it's beef-flavored, you can offer it as a treat. Trifexis is K9 only and does require a yearly heartworm test. For more information please call us or visit https://www.trifexis.com/about-trifexis/why-trifexis

Advantage Multi is a monthly topical combination prevention available to K9s & Felines. 

In K9 patients, Advantage Multi prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas & treats flea infestations, treats & controls intestinal parasites, & treats sarcoptic mange.

In Feline patients, Advantage Multi kills adult fleas, treats ear mites, treats and prevents against roundworms/hookworms, & prevents heartworm disease. 

For more information on this product please call us or visit http://www.bayerdvm.com/show.aspx/productdetail/advantage-multi-for-dogs

Current Specials

  • Advantage Multi: Buy one 6 pack, get one 50% off

                 Buy 6 doses, get 2 free

                 Buy 9 doses, get 3 free

  • Frontline Gold: Buy 6 get 2 free/ Buy 3 get 1 free
  • Nexgard: First dose free coupon
  • Heartgard/Nexgard: Buy 12 HG + 12 NG get $50 back

                  Buy 12 HG + 6 NG get $25 back

                  Buy 6 HG + 6 NG get $15 back

  • Heartgard: Buy 12 doses get $12 back
  • Trifexis: Buy 6 doses get $10 back

                  Buy 12 doses get $25 back

  • Comfortis: Buy 3 doses get $5 back

                  Buy 6 doses get $10 back

                  Buy 12 doses get $25 back